The Blessing of the Song of Praise “The Soul of Every Living Thing Shall Bless Your name”


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This wonderful idea to be saved in all matters is proven and tested for recovery, earning a living, finding a spouse, children, peace in the home, etc. It is brought down in the name of Rabbi Yehuda HeChasid and the Chida may their memories be blessed that this praise in “The Soul of Every Living Thing” is is precious and wonderful and is capable of of protecting us against anything terrible that might come our way, and it is good that in times of trouble a person should accept upon himself that if he will be saved from that impending trouble which is now threatening him he will say after being saved the blessing of the song of praise “The Soul of Every Living thing Shall bless Your Name” and it is to be said in thanksgiving and in melody and in great joy.

And this suggestion is proven and tested and many have been saved by its virtue And while it is being said it is good to give charity and to arrange a “seudat mitzvah”( a religious feast of thanksgiving) The numerical value of the Hebrew words Nishmat Kol chai (The soul of Every Living Thing)=78, whose value is three times the name of the Lord (26×3=78)

and the numerical value of the words Kol Chai (every living thing)=68 whose value equals the names “I will be that shall I will be” (68) and also the valu of Chaim (life) (68).

The amulets are a receptacle for all of our needs. They create a connection and energized activity for the fulfillment of our requests and desires and they contain the combination of Names and seals which have the power to activate them and to obtain Divine influence for the purpose for which they are needed. The amulet connects us to the power source through which we receive all the good that is within creation through the improvement of our material and emotional situation. The amulet as a source of power in and of itself is presented on a “stone” which is an energized infrastructure and a receptacle with tremendous power in itself. During his journey our father Jacob, when he sought to take a nap, chose to rest his head on a “stone”:

“And Jacob took one of the stones from that place and placed it under his head and lay in that place”

The next morning following the inspirational dream of “Jacob’s ladder” and the Divine revelation, Jacob takes the “stone” upon which he rested his head and erected it as an altar:
“And he took the “stone” upon which he had rested his head and erected it as a monument and poured oil upon its head”.

Later, at the moment of the revelation at Mt. Sinai, we are commanded to build an altar only out of “stone”

“an altar made of stone you shall make for Me”.

In a numerical discovery I found that to lighten your eyes to the power of the infrastructure upon which we set the amulet “stone”/

The name of the Creator (yud-hey-vav-hey) equals 53. “Stone (even in Hebrew) also equals 53.


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